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I'd do a search, but my limited ability to use the Google target search impair me.

SO, whether or not a thread like this has already been made, I'll make one. If this isn't where it belongs, blame it on post-break delirium :P

In all simpleness, what are your DeviantART profiles/names and what do you do there?

Original visual
Mapleleaf - Mapleu (digital)
Ezeth - Zetpk (digital)
BenDover - BenDover-za (TB textures & traditional)
Varkenoss - varkenoss (traditional)
skura - bartekskorski (digital)
Dirtnapp - Dirtnappp (traditional & digital)
Tapion - TB-Tapion (digital)
aerox21 - aerox21 (traditional & digital)
wiirus - wiirus (digital & renders)
Lempika - Lempikah
Hanz0 - dtchen (traditional)
Cyclone3 - Cycology (TB textures)
MICu - TheMICu (traditional)
AHD - SpherePhoenix1990 (digital)
Morbon - OssimGuy (traditional & digital)

Digital manipulations
AHD - SpherePhoenix1990 (photo manips, fractals)

Pixel art
Shook - Shook12
Manxie - tryskellion
dbuhos - Dbuhoss

Ezeth - Zetpk
Manxie - tryskellion
Nightmare -

wiirus - wiirus

Authors (poetry)
Manxie - tryskellion (angst D: )

Authors (prose)
Archlurps - Archlurps (fantasy & sci-fi)
Shook - Shook12 (character profiles, sci-fi)
Manxie - tryskellion (fan fiction)

about groups:
- more will be added when need arises
- poetry and prose are split up, and some types of visual art set as their own groups for ease of access. While they're similar, people tend to not want poetry when looking for prose, or 3d stuff when looking for drawn art, etc.
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Well, my profile on dA is Shook12, and i dabble in both visual art (pixel art durp) and prose writing. Mostly visual art, though. My writing is primarily profiles for the characters i draw.
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BenDover you seriously need more drawings in there. :P

I post a bunch of drawings, and some suckish graphics I've made.
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pixel artist, 3d artist, angst poet(don't do that anymore) and fan fic writer(need to finish that actually).
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