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[Guide] Toribash Color Combos [56k warning]
Here's a list of every joint color combination in Toribash. Just click on the force you want and you will be redirected to that force's combo sheet where you will find that force with every color relax.

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _____________________________________________

This part is just for fun. Here you'll find colors I thought would look cool. In this section I will also take requests. If you have a cool color idea and name you can pm me and I will see what I think. Do not post such requests in this thread.

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Wow!This is great,All the "What looks good with that" would go now,just one click and all the combos will appear,thanks for your effort.This should be stickied or put somewhere for all people to see,it is very useful.
Great work man ... +rep that will help many people
<iRookie>This clan got a lot of epic members, such as missuse and Aj, Pulse and Kaszanas, and I want to be part of them.
Someone clearly had alot of free time
nice job you've done here it might proove helpfull.
Guess it should be stickied.
Stickied because this is freakin' awesome :,D

Awesome work, this'll help out alot of older artists who don't know what to do next :>

edit: i discovered a typo, seems that on all of the color charts for the combinations "void" is spelled as "viod"
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