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Relatively long lasting replay thread.
Because permanent ones are so boring.

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The initial build up and the kick were brilliant. Pure sex.
And the punch was way more powerful than I was expecting.

You could have tried to get some more dm's, but then again, there was no need because it's great as it is right now.

This comment isn't really helpful but I felt an uncontrollable urge to praise that opening section.
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The first part was pretty impressive, it was really clean and smooth.
The split flowed very well and also the punch was more powerfull than i expected.
I can't see any flaws on this replay,
maybe you could have done some dm more in the first kick but it looks great though.
Good job.

Permanent threads are not boring. Fool.
Long gone
Totally <3 this one.
It was stylish, it was pretty fast and most important it was fun to watch.

I was willing to see more dm's in the first kick but i looks pretty good anyways.

Keep 'em coming.
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Cant see any flaws there, kick was cool, and the punch was just brilliant.
Anyways I think the kick could have done more replays.
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