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Makin' a game, yo

SO, WHAT IS THIS? It's a vertically scrolling space shooter. Not the most original of concepts, but i figured i'd start out by seeing if i could make something fun at all. Along the way, i picked up Chartle for additional programming and level design, and Basheman for wonderful chiptune goodness. Start the game, select your difficulty and weapons, and get shootin'!

Where it differs, however, is that your only actual objective is to get through the levels alive, since destroying them all is completely impossible (and i mean that literally). Since this gets way harder as the game progresses, you get money and XP for destroying aliens, which you can spend on upgrades in the inter-level shop, which can help you SHOOT MORE ALIENS.

As you can see, there's both buyable upgrades (costs DOSH) and skillpoints. The upgrades provide the most necessary changes, while skillpoints are there to tune your ship to your playing style, be that a heavily armored and mobile tank, or a not quite as armored deadly glass cannon, or anything in between. Note that the most powerful skill upgrades might require you to specialize!


The game has, as of 23/08/2018, reached version 1.0! Version 1.1 has been released on 03/10/2018.

By now you're probably either running away briskly, or hoping for a download link. In the latter case, here you go:

Download here!

Just put the EXE in a folder of its own, it's going to export some files that it needs (and a few other goodies). Feedback most welcome! Hopefully there won't be any bugs, but if you run across any, do tell!

Additionally, Basheman's excellent soundtrack is available for listening and/or purchase at the following links:
And Patreon, if you wish to support his future endeavours!
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deviantart page | also patreon if you feel rich
Looks like hard.....Dling.

FUCK THIS IS HARD...Sorta easy a little.
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I would recommend and AWSD control scheme and having the secondary weapon be shift/space for great ease of use.

May try it out later.

After I got past the last wave, I was like, "FUCK YEAH" Then some boss comes up and blows my shit up in one shot.
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Fuck yeah, sweet game, sweet art. Oldschool concept, you'd go far as a game developer. I can't wait for more.
Awesome, and good luck. I have a questions you might need to keep in mind though.

Will the pass code for the levels be the same?
Example: Every 5th level, after defeating the boss, you get a pass code for when you die. When using the pass code, you enter level 6. Say that the pass code for me was BcD2f9G. Will the pass code for everyone else be BcD2f9G? OR will it be different? I think it should be different because people could start posting the pass codes, and that won't be fair to everyone else xP.

Will different enemies give different points?
Little problem with the boss, he can't attack you if you're behind him.
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