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Tori-Investigation: Does Kitfox do gay porn?
On July 2nd 2010 at 6:13 GMT time, a discovery was made which could potentiality shock the Toribash world forever.

Tortele, (AKA 2bit(AKA companioncube(AKA DarkCow(AKA Tortle)))) found a suspect image of toribash ninja, Kitfox while masturbating to gay porn(infact he came just as he saw the image). This image contained what appeared to be a teenage boy participating in sexual acts with another male. Their is a shocking resemblance between this Boy and Kitfox, as we will later see and investigate.

The Gay porn image:
found on July 2nd 2010

Kitfox image #1:
posted on December 12th 2009

Kitfox image #2:
posted on December 20th 2009, then removed on February 18th 2010


-The first thing we will notice after seeing these images, is the striking similarity in hair. We see how both of these males have Beiberhair and are both gingers. While the gayporn male has a bit lighter hair, it could have easily been colored for the films.

-Another similarity is the colour of the lips. We see how in both kitfox pictures that his lips are very bright and pink. We also see that the same is true for the gayporn image. Both have thin, bright, pink lips.

-unfortunately, due to the fact that the gayporn boy is smiling, and his photo is taken from an angle, it is not possible to fairly compare it to Kitfox's nose. However, we can see how the noses are of nearly equal length.


-We have many similarities, first, we notice the colour. Both the gayporn boy and Kitfox have the same dark green coloured eyes, this means more than if the same colour was brown, because green is a rarer colour for eyes. After we notice the identical colour, we notice the near identical shape. Both boys both have the "half" open almond shaped eyes, when we overlay the two eyes they are nearly identical, and the only difference is because gayporn boy is smiling.

-After seeing this evidence it is clear that Kitfox is a gay porn actor. While we may find it funny to make fun of him, we should not do this. I am sure that Kitfox has already gotten enough hate in his life for his sexual preferences. I would appreciate it if you guys did not bring up this thread with Kitfox in an offensive manner, he is our friend, thanks.

Here are all 3 images for you to judge for yourself
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