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How to set up a proper duel/tourney/bet
Ok, what you want to do to set up a proper running public duel room is:
1. Make a room. (/jo duell or something like that)
2. Set mod to aikidobigdojo or aikido or just judo.
3. Set up the desc /set desc ^02(duel amounthere) i.e. /set desc ^02 dueling 500 tc!
4. Then you will want to turn on the duel and to do that you will /duel (tcamount) then it will turn on.
5. Wait for people to come and then you got a duel room :P

1. Make a room (/jo (your first 2-4 letters of ur name) i.e /jo digittourney.
2. set the mod you would like to use during the tourney
3. Set up the desc saying TOURNEY SOON.
4. If you don't want to wait find a ~ person in-game and pay them (around 6k tc) to go global and get people fast
5. When you get everything ready do /muteall
6. Then you will say your rules which are mainly (no spamming/market talk/clan talk/ etc.) then you will tell the prize and when it starts with the mod name at end.
7.Then you will do /unmuteall
8.. After that when the match is over you will do /ko then just /sp

mainly just like a duel just you don't turn on anything and you set the desc /set desc Betting and name the room bet or betting or something around there

i did just cause alot of people where always lost on what to do/ mainly a favor
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