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Understanding Greenwich mean time (GMT)
Most of the tournaments and events in toribash use Greenwich meant time as the standard time to show when theit event is. Lots of people don't seem to understand how to work out what time the tournament will be at for them because it is not given in their time zone.
Below i have put a map that shows the time zones of all the areas in the world. You can use this to help you work out what time events will be at for you.
The way to do this is to locate where you are on the map of the world. Look at how many hours ahead or behing of gmt it is, and then if it is so many hours behind, you take away that many hours from the time given in gmt to work out what time it will be for you. If it is so many hours ahead, you just have to add that many hours onto the time given in gmt to work out what time it is for you.
Here's an example:
Tournament time:23:00gmt monday
My country:Australlia (i am not actually from australlia, its just an example)
Time zone:+10
My tournament time: 09:00 tuesday (23+10=33, 33=1 whole day+9 hours)

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woot same timezone as me ronalds!
EDIT: fuck it was just an example...

lol, you didnt even edit that post though.
I expect a fair few people will find this useful. There's an unreasonable amount of confusion about time zones here...
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lol, you didnt even edit that post though.

I wrote it, was playing some N, and came back and read it again lol i never clicked post between the two, but since there was 5 min in between i thought i might as well just call it an edit.
Woot same timezone as me ronalds. No seriously England ftw.