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How To Start Playing Toribash Online

How to Start Playing Toribash Online

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To start, run Toribash, and select 'Multi Player' from the Toribash main menu.

If it's the first time you have gone online, you will see the login screen.
You need to type in your username and password (your account in game is the same as on the forum).
..........Note: If you don't have an account, click on the "register" button on the same login screen, and proceed to register an account. *
..........Note: If you are playing on a computer you don't own, make sure 'Remember me' isn't selected, or it will remember your password, letting others log in as you.
..........Note: If you entered the wrong password, or changed your forum password, you can change your login details by selecting 'Setup' and then 'Login' from the menu.
....................* : Please remember to add an email when registering, we can use this to aid you in account related problems, and we will not send you spam mail.

After clicking on 'Login', the server list will be shown, here you can see all the servers that you can join, you can also sort this list.
Select a server by clicking on it (Or use the arrow keys and ENTER to select), it is recommended that you try the 'Beginner' servers first.
..........Note: If you select a server, you will also be able to see who is in that certain server in the box to your right.
..........Note: To sort, click on the column name. Click again to sort in descending order

Changing your password
Your forum and game accounts are one in the same, so changing your password on the forum will change it in game, you can click here to change your password, which is located in the UserCP

Issues & Solutions

If you see a 'No connection' text on all servers
follow the instruction mentioned here.

If you see a message 'Service overloaded' after connecting to a server
In this case, just enter the Multi Player screen and select a server again. (Pressing ESC brings up the main menu) You will then join the server you selected.

Still can't play online ?
You can contact us by:
email: [email protected]
IRC: #support
Or by posting in support.

Important: Do not give your forum password to anyone.
Administrators, Moderators or Clan leaders don't need your password and will never ask you for it.

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