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BirdFlu's Discount Superstore
BirdFlu's Discount Superstore

Hello there, and welcome to my Discount Superstore, where you can buy almost every item you need for world-beating prices. We have a huge selection of items, ranging from great value everyday items, such as low-value colours and textures, to super-rare examples of items you've only ever dreamt of owning, such as limited-edition collectors items and high-value colours. My Superstore can offer you all these items for the lowest price on the market, guaranteed.

In terms of payment, I accept only TC or USD, paid using PayPal. Customers who purchase using USD will receive a discount.

Item selection

Click on each link to see a list of available items in the selected catergory. To purchase any item from me, simply post below with your offer.

Forces and relaxes







DQs, usertexts, emotes and grips

Assorted textures

Rare and collectors items

Blood vodka

Pet rock

High-value forces and relaxes

Void relax

Elf force (x2)

Other stuff

Alpha imperial ghost

Demon blood

Demon primary gradient

Demon secondary gradient

Elf primary gradient

Elf secondary gradient

Elf torso


Click here for my selection of flames. Post below if you are interested in any of them so that I can show you a preview.

TC sales

Click this link to visit my TC shop, which has great prices for every type of buyer.

Special offer! Buy more than $10 worth of TC at my TC store and recieve a 25% discount at BirdFlu's Discount Superstore! For a limited time only.

*More coming later*

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Quit, probably.
I buy gaia dq , timer, and full textures motion trail , how much?
''May God have mercy upon my enemies, because I won't.''
Sniper: 100TC and deal.

R3m1nd: I only have three texture motion trails, but 20k for the three plus the gaia and deal.
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Quit, probably.