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[Tut]XChat for Dummies
Well the IRC client located on this forum is down at the moment, and I find that XChat is the easiest client to download and use.

Here is the link to the download site:

Now I will guide you through downloading, setting up, and moving through the fascinating world of IRC.


You see this button on the webpage? Click it!


Something similar to this should pop up. Click Run. It will take you through the self explanatory set up. Run the program.


This should pop up, but with a few more things to choose from. To get what I have here you must click +Add. Name it Toribash and press enter.


You should now be here, with more options. Ignore the other ones.


Make sure Toribash is selected, and press Edit.


You now should be taken here. Click what is shown above and type in "". Make sure that it is the only thing in the box and press enter.


Select the box shown above so it has a check mark inside of it. Now press close in the lower right hand corner.


Follow the directions on the image. Use your toribash username. For real name, put whatever you want. You must enter something however.


Make sure the Toribash option is selected, and press Favor.


Now select the box shown above so that there is a check mark in it.


Now click Connect.


Now something that resembles the image above should be in front of you.


Type what is in the box now.
Make sure you replace "password" with what you want your password to be, you can use your toribash password or something else, it does not matter. For your email, enter your email address. If you do not have an email address type [email protected]
In the next image, the command I entered was as follows:
/msg nickserv register example [email protected]
Press enter once you have entered the command


It should now look similar to this.


In the upper left hand corner of the client, click XChat, and then on the drop down menu, click Network List.


Make sure Toribash is selected and press Edit. Now where the arrow is pointing, next to Nickserv password: type in the password you chose for your username. Close that out. Close the first window out as well.

Now close the client by clicking the X in the corner of it. Choose the quit option. Now re-open it. It should automatically connect to, and log your user in.


This is the command and message entry box. Listed below are the commands you should know to be successful.

NOTE: You must put / before you type in the command.

/join #roomname
This command is the most basic and vital command. It allows you to join a room where there are other users, and chat with them. Chatting is as simple as typing in what you want to say in the message entry box and pressing enter. Yes, you must type in the # symbol in front of the room name. Below I will list some of the room names you should know.

#toribash: This is the room where there is most often the most players. Come here if you want to chat about anything appropriate. This is a room where immaturity is frowned upon, so don't come here if you are going to troll and try to be funny.

#outside: This is a very fun room, full of the more humorous members. Come here if you want to meet a cool group of guys and get a few laughs. Some of them will mess with you, don't let that go to your head, they are testing you.

#market: This the fastest way to trade items. If you need a price check, ask one of the many experienced members in the room. You can also put your items for sale there, but the people there usually are looking for high quality items.

#support: Your source of support about anything toribash related. Come here to get quick responses from seasoned and experienced members about scamming, troubleshoot problems, and just questions.

#help: This is the room where you can ask anything non-toribash related. Anything from computers to consoles, the people there are highly experienced, and know what they're talking about.

/nick name
If you want to change your name to something else, then use this command. Many people use the command to show what they are doing. For example, if I am going away from the keyboard, I might change my nickname to Jimbob-AFK by typing /nick Jimbob-AFK. When you want to change your nick back though, use this, then the command below.

/msg nickserv identify password
To protect users, use this command to get your name back. It is self-explanatory.

/query user message
If you want to have a private discussion with a user, type this in. For example if I want to ask GHB a question about marketing, but in a private manner, I would type /query GHB how do you make so much tc? GHB would then get a message like:
Jimbobwe: how do you make so much tc?

/part #roomname message
If you wish to leave a room, type this in. For example, if I want to leave #toribash because I am going to bed, I would type /part #toribash Goodnight. The message shown to everyone else would be:
* You have left channel #toribash (Goodnight)


This is the userlist. It shows all of the users in the room, and if they have any power. Listed below is what color is what level of power, and what privilages that level has over the room.
Owner (purple): An owner is the highest level, and can do anything they want to within the room. They are the only ones who can kill a user.
Super Op (dark red): A super op has the same powers an op has, but they are protected, so other ops cannot demote them.
Op (green): An op has the power to change the message of the day, kick a user, ban a user, and give lower people power up to op.
Half-Op (not shown-blue): Half-ops can kick users, and give voices to people.
Voice (gold): A voice is only useful if a mode is set where only people who are given voices can chat.
Regular (nothing): Regulars have no power whatsoever.

Channel: Also referred to as rooms.
Kick: Being kicked results in you being unable to talk in the room until you rejoin it.
Kill: Being killed results in you being kicked from every room you are joined in.
Ban: Being banned results in you being kicked from the room, and you will not be able to enter for 24 hours, or if the ban is lifted.

If you have any trouble or advice whatsoever feel free to PM me or post here!
A certain recluse, I know not who, once said that no bonds attached him to this life, and the only thing he would regret leaving was the sky.
nice tutorial,but iam stil confuse about it
but my brother is really succes full working
now i want to study with brother XD
good job
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A certain recluse, I know not who, once said that no bonds attached him to this life, and the only thing he would regret leaving was the sky.
This helped me very much I suck at IRC and I was able to auto log in as owner on my server now. Which previously I didn't know how to keep myself as the owner. Very convenient and very effective. Thanks
meap rocks