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Sorry Ny if breaking rules by stating this but chand left ion for C3 then joined [w]ireless.Your choice Ny but just saying.
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Ion, it's okay i'll take care of recruiting, but you can give me your idea whether you think they are worthy enough or not.

Chandlerb was a member of Wicked too, but was extremely inactive so was kicked.
I would plan to give him another chance, but Hotshot40, after you explained that, I have second thoughts.

Chandlerb: Sorry, I have to say no. You could prove yourself if you promise to me and prove that you are very active, but if not, then it is a no, sorry.
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You didn't before. What I'm looking for is frequent on topic posts that contribute to the topic at hand and the tasks needed to accomplish, and for a person who is available during most, if not all, the clan wars and other clan events. I'm skeptic about your activeness, due to an already existing knowledge of my past experience with you.
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Nys: He is active in-game, and forum. Only problem i have with him, is that im not sure i trust him. (My thoughts)
Chandlerb: I'm (Infact, ALL OF US) are tight with trust. We've been betrayed before, so we understand the risks with recruiting certain members. Kaiokay is one precedent set, that can be shown to you as an example of what can happen if I recruit a non-trusted member.
I wish to be fair though, so like Kaiokay and others, I'll give you a second chance.
One little slip of betrayal, any reports on you coverting with another clan on joining them, and you won't be given another chance.

Thank you,

Welcome to Wicked!
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Chandlerb has 'failed us' and betrayed Wicked by joining another clan before announcing to Wicked he was quitting 3 days ago. Therefore, recruitment with certain members may be more strict.
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