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[TEX] INOX set by nblx ;)
OK. 1 mil request pushed me to start epic project again.
Despite the fact that request failed (as i predicted), im continuing, and it's much more easy and productive to draw now. No time limits, no advises from request-starter.. etc.
As always i was changing lots of stuff while drawing, to find out the best and more interesting mapping and effects.. As always im experimenting with tori head-ball. ^ ^

Will post here all the progress. IDK how long it take's to finish this set... will see

P.S. And please, dont pm me about buying something. This is not for sale...
P.P.S. Will be priciate for support..

AHTUNG! Heavy GIF-looped-morphing head drawing progress preview.

head ingame preview (has bugs. in final flat all fixed)

ingame preview on tori:

flat 512

more. AHTUNG! Heavy GIF's

current progress.

Masked wip

Face wip (alternative)

Software used: Photoshop CS3 & Mudbox

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Wow, just wow iv been watching this progress on devils request thread and the final result is amazing.

Would like to see it in game but eh looks great from flat gj
Only thing I don't like are the lips the first wip mouth looked great but again lovely work
There is no final result yet. Im pretty sutisfacted with front-top-sides, but back part is not ready at all. very very raw wip. And i like this lips ingame more. It remind's me Arnolds face xDDD, and its more clear( sharp) variant.. If i'll leave it for final result, then nose will be fixed, if i'll change it to first one, nose is fine. idk yet.
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exelent work m8 but, i lovo the way u map the top... if i ware u i would make a direfent nose... i think anyone want to see the nose holes ^^

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Looks good, shading was almost perfect
and the head looks realistic.


Looks amazing i gotta say.
Wow, just wow, best head ive seen for a while.
Looks like Illidan from Warcraft!
I dont like the nose, dunno why, maybe u should add more black in the holes of the nose ;)

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Fuckin best head ive ever seen.
Fuckin best head preview ive ever seen.
Hah yeah totally only problem i find is that he looks too angry on latest version and nose looks a bit too small but hell its great.
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Omg soooooooooooo Amazing wow so deatiled and pro
i just love it 10/10 !!!
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[WIP] is not a tag.
I've changed it for you this time, please use the appropriate tag next time.
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100500/10 :O
Nice head i was in shock
What program you use?
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