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How to upload a file on your post (With pictures)
I have become tired of people asking everywhere how to post a replay.
So I decided to do this.

How to upload a file

Step 1.
Click Post Reply at the top/bottom of the thread.

If you are editing a post, click Go Advanced on the bottom right corner of the edit field.

You can not upload files from the Quick Reply field at the bottom of the page.

Step 2.
Scroll down and click Manage Attachments.

Step 3.
Click the top-most Choose... button from the pop-up.

Step 4.
Find the file you want to upload from your computer and press Upload.

Step 5.
Press Upload. If you want to upload more files, simply click an other Choose... button and repeat step 4.

...And now just press Submit Reply or Save Changes and you're done. The file will appear at the bottom of your post. I uploaded the famous 0headkick.rpl on this thread, you can check how it looks like.
If you want to add more replays later, simply click Manage Attachments and you'll be able to.
At the bottom of Manage Attachments window there is a table of what you can upload and what is the max filesize, though you will most likely not need to check this out at all.

For pictures you might not want to use the Toribash uploader since it tends to make it look like crap. Instead, you should use . It's free, simple, quick and you don't need to register.

The end.

If I have forgotten something, please PM me or post here.
If you have questions about this, post here or PM to me and I shall put the question here.
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is this tut really needed?
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well, it might be unnecessary, bur here it goes

can someone tell me if it shows?
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Originally Posted by Mdisthabest View Post
is this tut really needed?

You have probably seen many people asking "how to post a replay".
This is just basic forum knowledge, everybody should know this...
finnaly some one cleared this up for noobs.
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ummm i cant load head text's that spin from gimp that are sized at 128x128 pixels at 40 frames.... is there like some new limit or am i being a dumbshit =)