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Item / texture that I bought doesn't appear in the game
Since Toribash 3.5, items you've bought and activated will appear in the game a few moments after you start Toribash, as well as when you play online. Textures will appear about 5 minutes once uploaded.

If the items don't appear after a few moments, make sure:

1. The item is active. You can see your deactivated and activated items under the 'Inventory' title in the ToriShop.

2. There is only one active item of this type (e.g. two relax color items, only one is active)

3. The item is not traded at the moment.


Textures will appear in Toribash about 5 minutes once uploaded.

Make sure that the texture matches these requirements:

1. All textures are of size 128 on 128 pixels.

2. If you upload a TGA file ,make sure it's saved in uncompressed format.

3. The texture is unique. You can't upload a texture that someone else uses.

If you just bought an item and want to see it:

1. Start a single player game.

2. If it isn't already shown, show your character by typing: /lp 0 YourPlayerName

3. Get your items by typing: /download YourPlayerName

Remember that textures will appear in Toribash about 5 minutes once uploaded.

If you still don't see your texture, check the contents of the file autoupdate.log (It's in the Toribash folder)

If you see the text: "Failed to delete .... before update" ,
it means that there's a permissions problem. Try running the game as administrator (right click on toribash.exe and select
'Run as administrator')

If your see the text: "Curl error ... aborting" and NO file were downloaded successfully (since Toribash 3.1) ,
it means that Toribash can't access the internet to download the textures.
A firewall or a router might be blocking it. More information about this, can be found here.

Updated: 8.10.2008 Stilf: Toribash 3.5
Updated: 8.10.2008 Cindermomo: Black & White textures
Updated: 20.10.2008 Stilf: Activated / Deactivated items
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