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Guide to making tansparent/translucent textures
I have had quite a few people asking me how to make transparent textures, so I thought I would make a tutorial.

If you just want a standard Black transparent texture, then you dont need to read this tutorial, just click this link to download the tga file which i have already prepared.


First, you need to make sure that you have bought a texture form torishop so you cna upload it onto your character.

Next, you need download gimp here

When you have dowloaded gimp, open it up and click on the file tab, then select "new", which will open the following menu:

Click the parts as shown (make sure you set it to 128x128 pixels)

After you have done this you should have an image that looks like this:

If you just want your texture to look black, you have to save the picture as it is, to do this, click the file tab above the image, then click save, and choose to save it as a tga file, when you choose this, the following box will appear:

Make sure that you click so there is no tick in the box which says RLE compression or else the image wont work.

To create single colours or colourful patterns you just have to use the brush tool, when you select the brush tool you can change the transparency (opacity) and thickness in the main gimp menu;

you can use this to make a single translucent colour texture like this:

Or you can also use the smudge tool creatively to make colourful translucent patterns like this:

When you are happy with what you have made, just remember to save it using the steps above.
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Nice tutorial, im sure it will help alot of people.
And its very usefull now that you can have shaders and transparency.

Originally Posted by sa1uk View Post
doesnt work for me it just makes a black head

Might be like that because of a shader you are using
how do you make pre-made textures transparent? (in example i want to make my head txture transparent)
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how do you make pre-made textures transparent? (in example i want to make my head txture transparent)

I am really not sure how to do that, i've not come across how to do it in gimp, which is the only image editing program i use
ok thanks ronalds :>

sorry for bothering you again, but when i save it and i open my tori it jut has the default tori head