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[S] Slash's Texture Dump.

So, I had gone inactive, but now im back, and making stuff again.
So request, or buy whats available.
Examples of recent work:


Heads for sale:
All heads here are by be, unless specified otherwise, all worked in 512x512, and can all be recoloured for an agreed on prive ( it varies from texture to texture)


GFX stuff:


You can request a Sig or avy from me if you like, just use this form:
Sig/avy(or both)/banner etc.

Character you want(character or tori):
If tori, please have a replay with the pose you would like):
Main colours;
Any extra details:
Price range
: (note: this affects the quality):

You offer first for the piece you like
More art coming soon!
Request, PM me as well as post here.
I accept all forms of payment.
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No force and relax doesn't come with it,
and I can make fists, how much will you pay for it if I do?
Ever had an STD? | Need an avy/sigpic? PM me :)
csatari999, please make a better request... add a reference if you could, and how much your paying.
Farid721, Yeah, you say how much your paying and all the details of the set you want.
Ever had an STD? | Need an avy/sigpic? PM me :)
can special 2 be resized?
also im interested in Psytrance's head.. could it be resized to 128?
how much for it?
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5k? for psy head
i dunno worth of textures
and btw can that qs of it recolored to plat and that plat to qs?
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