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[S] Filipe's Shop.

Check last page and request

Please make sure you have the money before you request!

Avvys just like these, only 4k!!!
Check "All the Avvy Vectors done" spoiler to see more examples.

(These are examples of what you'll get).
Just tell me the color you want and I'll do it!

For sale

Check the "Work already Done" to see more examples!

All the Avvy Vectors done



3D renders (I use my own tori model, made by me)

Work already done. -It's over 9000!

Vectors are now 8k!!
Vector head avvys -> 4k!!
Vector Sigs -> 6k

I accept only Tc and paypal!
Prices can change!

Satisfied costumers:


Money earned since day 1:
483051Tc + 13$

Money earned since re-open:
326000Tc + 13$
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3rd render
Background : in a lonely street
pose : I slash adrian into 2 parts, and i pose ninja style
item : dagger

so 2 tory 4k right
hayz : Fachry is kewl and i like him(in a non-gay way)
wow, i want a 3d render . My tori, singing with a microphone. can you do it ? 3rd customer... 3 k ? deal ?
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