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Vote for Nasuke's band!

Hey guys, some of you may know me some of you may not, I used to be a graphic artist around here, made some textures and some 3D stuff and while I was doing that I was studying guitar.

Well now I am in a band called Armies of Enlil and we are aiming to play next month at a local festival.

So here is the deal. Bands are chosen to play at that festival depending on how many votes they have. If you like the song and want to give us a vote here's how

First you have to go here and like that profile page, after that all you have to do is go here and like that post. Every like is a vote and I would greatly appreciate it

Also comments on the song are welcome

For any curious people that might read this, the name is inspired by Enlil the sumerian god of earth and wind. The logo was partially designed by me, someone made a vector of the AoE and I worked on it giving it shape texture and a background

I play rhytm guitar

Fixed the embed.
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Wow a vote already thanks
I don't know why the embed doesn't work.

Also if you like that song there are some more on my youtube channel and there are also some poorly recorded lives (Just search Armies of Enlil on youtube) in which you can see me (the hairball)
Not really my type of music, but it's still pretty good. I expected it to be a little shitty because the people I've seen lately posting their bands or music on tb seemed to have been very poor in quality. You however, surprised me... sooo, there's another like for you. Good luck man.
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