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[RPG] Fabula Magnus (The Original RPG) (Apps CLOSED)

If you came to find a secret, it is I who now keeps it. A keen eye and sharp mind will locate what you wish to find. If you aren't fools, you'll make sure to follow the rules.

Help! I want to join, but don't know how!

Come to our channel, #magnus. Here you will be given much more info about the world and the character sheet. You'll also be told if you can join or not. Don't expect to get in without coming to the channel.

I sure wouldn't want to break any rules! Wait, what rules?

  • You will always use common sense.
  • You will listen to GMs.
  • You will compromise when needed.
  • You will not consciously be overpowerful.
  • You will respect your peers.
  • You maintain the right to be forcibly removed from the group.
  • If the secret is what you thought to see, in the ides of the nameless it should be.

Sounds great! Wowza! But wait, what kind of RPG is this?

This is a low fantasy RP. That means that there will be little illogical fantasy elements. There are politics, economics, traditions, and other things to keep track of. Magic is a new technology and is terribly hard to use and there are only two playable races. It is a mix of middle age, Victorian, and steam punk settings. 90% is middle age themed, especially technology. Less than 2% is steam punk.

Join #magnus for more info!

Oh boy! But who's in charge?

Primary GM: Thorn
Secondary GM: RayA75
Tertiary GMs: Nameless and Enzu

Awesome! I'm totally and completely brainwashed by your answers! But who is already playing?

Enzu's Characters

RayA75's Character

jvnsfunny's Character

Nameless' Character



Rayleigh's character

Dargon's vaguently vaguish character!

Deceased characters

What about factions and races?

The world is Magnus.
For ease, there are only two factions, and are both different races. New factions may be introduced later, but right now we are starting off small.

In the red corner, we have Humans. Humans are industrious and hardworking, focusing more on technology and development rather than tradition and religion. They can manipulate magic like any other sentient creature, but must first learn the technique required. Unfortunately, the technique is a highly guarded secret only used by government magicians, due to it's highly dangerous possibilities. Humans have only recently delved into magic use, and are inefficient. They are hurriedly researching more efficient ways of controlling it, though. The Humans have large militaries and are more combat efficient than elves, but have less traditional values than Elves.

In the blue corner stands the Elves! They are magic touched Humans who separated from society due to oppression. They are fewer in number, and scattered. Elves are not as industrious as Humans, and focus more on religion and traditions. They have many religions, but are able to cope with those of others. Conflicts, do happen, however. All elves can naturally use magic, but are just as inefficient as Humans, due to the fact that they do not seek ways of improving it. This is the same for most technologies, as Elves care little for scientific advancement. As such, they are less developed than Humans, and have less organized and poorly equipped armies. They also tend to focus more on agriculture than Humans, as a byproduct of their lacking industrialism. Elves do not invest in scientists, and use a caste system in their society. Castes, in general:

war slaves, criminals, poop class > artisans, shop owners, etc, low class > farmers, gardeners, middlish class > soldiers and such, upper class > lower nobility, military officers, high class > upper nobility > king > church

I'm starting to love this world, is there any more lore I can read?!

Yes. For our 1000th post, Ray and Thorn pieced together a bit of history for the Magnus world.

History of Elven and Human Conflicts

Demigods, and such categories of characters and NPCs

We are going to be delving into the history even more so, so expect more pieces like that.

Man, that is SO cool! But what of the maps?


Oh man, thanks! Well, bye now! I'll see you in #magnus!

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There's no way I can fit all the info into one page, so it's easier to have them come to IRC.
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I'm interested because of the wide use of vocabulary and grammar. They're a very highly valued set of qualities in my opinion. Expect me in irc tomorrow.
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Character sent in, a more specified version of Roy from GFO.

Anyways, good luck RPers, and keep the quality up!
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is it just me or is Enzu's spoiler big (edit: fixed)

/me shrug

added Roy's character and such
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As soon as we get the maps and such together, we can begin playing. For now it's all preparation and giving people time to make their characters and join and whatnot. I'll make the first game post, detailing the current world situation, the location of characters, statuses, events, etc. I will make a similar post other times, when deemed needed. Game time will be loosely kept track of, so as not to have people teleporting due to oversight.
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It seems as the favor of the character is tilting toward elves.

Remember that humans have a great sense of technology and science. Elves are xenophobic snobs to humans, and humans treat elves as close minded fools.

We should keep balance factions, and not antagonize any one of them.
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Fabula Magnus wants more able RPers!
Cataclysm is still alive?


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