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Tori-Olympics 2011: Rope Climbing

You think you are the fastest rope climber in the tori world ?
well put your skills to the test in the official Tori Olympics rope climbing comp!

This is a SinglePlayer replay making event brought to you by the Game Masters.

you have to use this mod.
match frames: 500.
no replay hacking.
only SP replays.
you have to touch the platform with your hands for it to be vaild.
you may only post one replay tho u can edit ur post as long as the deadline isnt reached.

Create the most realistic and fast replay.

speed (10 points)
realism (7 points)
flow (5 points)

1st Place: 15k-ish Item + 5 Country Points
2nd Place: 10k-ish Item + 3 Country Points
3rd Place: 5k-ish Item + 1 Country Point

The GM team.

2 weeks from this post.

Good luck and most importanly have fun!

Have any doubts/questions? ask away in this thread.

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Create the most realistic and fast replay.

To better understand the point system, since you say the most realistic and fast replay, and you're grading on realism and speed, if I climb the rope the fastest I get 10 points, while second place gets 9 points and so on, while the most realistic gets 10 points, second most gets 9 etc. etc. or is it some other way?
nyan :3
Youtube Channel i sometimes post videos of other games
Is the end point to touch the platform?
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alikambe10 is a fag
Extra points for a nograb climb?
Now doing recoloring for people not in the clan as-well, PM for more info!
Are these valid?
Also is there a limit to the numbers of replays we post?
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alikambe10 is a fag
Not realistic, but quick and flowy
113 frames
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<fett175> So what you're saying is, I can type whatever I want here and it will be at the bottom of all my posts?... AWESOME
Lost the FLow a bit at the end of the climg but I was slow too, and I tried my best to make it realistic.
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