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what are you doing here
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oh yeah
up to frame 480 everything sucked ass
you were twitchy and had a bad opener
then after 480 it was ok great booms
try not to be as stiff
Swexxelite:your good at destroying uke
Huggys: thank you
Shit almost forgot about this.

Aware is an edit of Lucid, just better.
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oh yeah
Aware looked pretty good. The opener was odd and the manipulation was weak. And you rubbed your face all over uke's hand at that one point. And the pose wasnt that good. But the booms were really good and the two hits flowed with each other. 8/10
Flippin was quite a bit better. You started out a little floaty and then you got that boom and it was great. Then the next hit to knock off the lumbar looked like a lovetap but it got the job done. And the skeet was great. I love skeets at the end of a replay. The pose was better in this one. 9/10
You did a bit of flailing but it was a nice boom. The skeet wasnt all that powerful but it was still there. And you ran out of time so you couldnt pose very well. 6/10
New replay.
Happy 2012 guise.

Crap forgot the pose xD editing it in a minute.
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oh yeah
Good, but not great. The poses at the end coulda been better, one thing that i dont like about all of the replays, is it takes a while to reach Uke. Its not very bad, but it sure isnt good. There is an odd thing how you put your hand between Ukes leg, push him up and kick him, its cool, but not that good. 7.5/10 for all.