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How to make your toribashian glow!
Here are step by step instructions on how to make your toribash glow


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Open the picture of your choice

Go to filters/enhance/sharpen and set it to 60

Then go to colour/colour to alpha

Then set the colour you want to alpha PURE WHITE

Then go to filters/alpha to logo/alien glow

Here you select what colour of glow you want

Now that its glowed MAKE SURE you go to layer/merge down before you move on to next step!!!

Go to colour/colour to alpha and select BLACK

Done! look down to find out the proper way to save it.

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Save it as whatever name but make sure to save it as a PNG.

This way it will look best!

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Well i hope you enjoyed the tutorial and made some cool masterpieces!!

Sorry if it was to "image-heavy"

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