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Hello and welcome to the first TEXTUREMAKERS CHALLENGE!

This all started with and idea of me, Jebus and Nblx for an periodical big texture event.

Our goal is to bring back old artists to activity again, and create epic textures!

So Let's get Started!

So here what you need to do:
You need to do a head texture, yes only the head. With the theme: Horror Movie/Horror.

You only have ONE entry, no exceptions.
You must follow the theme, otherwise the head will be disqualified
If your head is Copy/Paste you need to post the original picture
No pre-made heads allowed
You Nees to post here confirming you entry

450k!! for the best head, only for the best, there is no second places

The final date to join is january 25
The final date to finish the head is february 15



We still Accept Donations

Nblx who donated 250k for this event!
Ferock donated 50k
BenDover who Donated 45k for this event!!
Jebus who danated 55k!
Jaker donated 30k
20k Donated Fom Yizmat
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i'll try it
i'll never succeed if i dont try...
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Well you kinda forced me to join so... I'm in but I hope it's not super important that you post something because I'm not sure if I got the willpower to start doing shit again
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is it allowed to finish a old wips ? .. i never finish the most of my textures :/
edit: i'm in
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Is it allowed to post an old head ?
Edit: Tactical facepalm at self.
I'm in, tho.
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