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pusga's Second Chapter of Shitty replaymaking
better replays in the last page you silly banana
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oh yeah
The opener was nice
booms were great
I watched this atleast 5 times to find the second skeet lol
Pose looked weird though
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Opener was good
All the booms was nice, i like the last one the most
Gratz on the double skeet :v
Pose was ok i guess. 9/10
Nice, opener was cool
First dm was good,
Other dm's were nice
nice and simple not too much booms and doesnt look messy
Plus always like how you dm with ukes corps.
pose was alright could be better though
Gj pusg
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More CnC and I'll post a new one that I'm working on.
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oh yeah
im not that great at CnC but i love how one of ukes glute makes a gaint circle of blood.

Also all together i really liked it.

Hmm.... first 3 dms looks so random, same as this moves. then this self leg broken, first reaction - WTH? O.o however i see you grab this foot and dm uke. i think its can be boom or at least 2dm thing. leg dm and decap didn't mix here and its looks so wrong... but i love this dmskeet+skeet :3 as far as i see here is no boom its just only 1dm attacks. 5/10...
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Thanks, but I don't go for booms too often anymore.
Also what is wrong with single dm hits?

Name courtesy of Erth in this replay
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oh yeah
Opener was ok
Split was nice
Liked the single dm's instead of the booms every once in a while
Maybe a pose next time
Also you're style is alot like ripping and single dm's compared to before you did a bunch of booms.
Gj though
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