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[YOUTUBE] How to upload youtube videos
Most people do this

(without space)
But that isn't how you do it if you do do it like that this will happen

A big white thingy I will be making a nice and easy tutorial for you new forum guys out there

K first do this

1. [YOUTUBE] and yes it has to be in CAPS

People will put the regular youtube link of the video but no it isn't like that all videos have this watch?v= which means watch?videoequals
its always after so it will be always and then the rest is pretty much the ID.

so is the whole link so 5SUC8vTEYYg is the ID so you take the ID and do this


After that you put [ /YOUTUBE] (WITHOUT SPACE) again at the end

It will look like this.


now your all done!

this is your results

So guys put the letters after watch?v= between [ YOUTUBE] and [ /YOUTUBE] (WITHOUT SPACES)
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