So your forum active?
You joined in 2011 and you have 9 posts.
I think we got an liar here.
Name (Real name): Zac

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Gmt: -5

Belt: 2nd dan

Why do you want to join: I would like to join because you guys are really cool
and fun to play with in-game. Also you are very skilled.

Past Clans:Wca, Element

Why did you leave your past clan?: Because it was getting way to crowded and I didnt know most of the people there. Also it was hard to communicate with some of them because they werent very talkative.

What can you offer? : Well i have some skill in taekkyon and am fun to talk to(<---I think)

What underwear color?: red, black, white, green, yellow, and orange

Invited by some one?: nope

Special Skills?: body textures

Are you a funny guy? Prove it: No i dont think so.

Playercard: <Below>

Sp/mp replays: <Below>
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seems like a nice person, but like said before way too unexperienced, and your activity looks pretty bad.

So no.
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The only thing I don't like about you is your forum activity. We're pretty much a forum-only clan, you wouldn't find this clan the best to join (for you) because our in-game activity is 0 and you seem to be an in-game active dude.
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Yeah what they said, 25 posts in 1 year and 2 months is not good.
[03:39] <idabosswiz> can't you just set up a pass for ddos?
Sup Duck.

I have decided to apply for this clan since it seems pretty cool and epic. My name is Mangat in real and I am 13. Yeah, I am a new fag on TB since my join date is Dec but who cares. I know PTDx in real. He's the one who told me about Toribash and that's how I started playing it. There's good players in this clan like PTD, Hours, Tengo and MrJingles. Hours is a good replaymaker and PTDx is good too.

My interests on Toribash are marketing, playing ingame and betting. In real I like to play Cricket and Hockey when the weather is warm. I am from UK and my Gmt is 0. My country is England. I also like to watch football on TV but I don't play it.

I'm applying for Duck because I need a break from ingame and this is quite a nice forum based a clan. I will go ingame once in a while but not always. Another thing is that I'm looking for an active clan. Apart from the fact that the founder is inactive, I'd rate this clan high in activity. Also, you can count on my activeness as I am generally active on forum.

My past clans include, Top Guns (dead), Psy and The Gods. I have been founder of two of these clans and the main reason I left was inactivity. Psy was a good clan for me but I felt it wasn't right. So now I've decided to apply for Duck since I know a few people from here like PTDx and Hours. Ingame, I'm a decent player. I like aikido and I play alright at it.

Hope you will consider my app. I'd love to waddle with you.

~ Shigechio.
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