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A refresh button for the server list.
It's like refreshing the browser. to get the not loading stuff.
Like when you exit from a server then ur name is still there.
And also show up not loading servers.
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Refresh Button
I was wondering if there should be like a refresh button in the server list.
Instead of going back and forth typing /refresh.
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I don't know what you mean but there is already a command somewhat similar, /rec (reconnect)

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This should seem fine. it would save hassle and less button press (for the lazy ones :P) and as dupbuck said, what harm could come from it?

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Just type /rf. I am pretty sure typing /rf is faster than pressing Esc, go to multiplayer, tick a box, close the Esc then reopen it and go back to multiplayer to see the refreshed serve list.
i think he meant a small button somewhere under the list of servers (like under the "belt restriction" check box for example) that does the same thing as typing /rf. don't really see a downside to it.

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