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[TEX]4.0 Celebration Texture
I made a set to celebrate the unbelievable. Toribash 4.0.
I'd like to thank BroDover, that awesome guy, and obviously thanks to the hamps!

Here's the set.

Big Picture:

made with photoshop
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Oblivion: that wasn't hilarious
Oblivion: it was brilliantly complex though
Oblivion: hands down man
Oblivion: today I genuinely believe more than I ever did before
Oblivion: that you are better than me
Oblivion: gg NutHug

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looks awesome really like those symbols and how they look like they glow and it is all like stone and kinda mummie i feel
Just awesome
lOOKS awesome
but we will be able to buy joint textures?
See my mug , it'll probably turn the flowers black
HOOOLY shit, that's looks amazing O: epic textures, very detail.
it's looks pretty nice with this joints. all colors its good also GREAT WORK 10/10
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Its so epic,good job nuthug,i don't have more words to descrive it,is perfect,the details and the fire effects,perfect.
My rating: 10/10
Omg NUTHUG!! the best texture set i've ever seen..awesome work!!
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freaking nice

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Pretty sweet. I'd like to see something similar done to pate5's knight set.

For being one of the first full tori texture-sets i've seen(bar the lingerie one), this is pretty great. Proportions look great.