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[MOD/MP] Nature Sparring!
Howdy fellas!

As a great fan of sparring I've noticed there's not a whole bunch to choose from when it comes to the nature-ish kind of mods. I thought it would be a great idea to make a few nature-ish sparring mods and share them with the rest of the community. These mods below are the result of a few hours of work, nothing fancy really.
You guys probably don't want to sit on your asses, reading me crappy memoars, so let's just get to the mods ey?

Ever wanted to become a hardy nord like me?
Then this is the place to start! Make your way to the middle platform and slap the soul out of you opponent. Watch out for the falling block of ice though.

Have you ever wanted to dodge flying shit coming at you in great speed?
I bet you have!
While sparring in this mod you will be bombarded with molten rocks coming from the big old vulcano in the background.
Play on your own risk!

Don't you just wanna smash someones skull into a soild wall sometimes? Or crush their bones with a rock?
This is the mod to do it in.
Let the battle begin!

So now you're probably sick about all those brutal mods.
Here's an easier one, for all the people who don't like when the adrenaline shoots out their ears. Or for the ones who like to jump a lot.
Go apeshit on eachother!

And for the love of god, share this and ENJOY!
Cnc is also well appreciated, I'm new at modding.
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jisse_sparring_glacier.tbm (16.5 KB, 652 views)
jisse_sparring_lava.tbm (16.4 KB, 487 views)
jisse_sparring_mountain.tbm (16.0 KB, 583 views)
jisse_sparring_jungle.tbm (16.6 KB, 517 views)
Looking good :) will try them later in game.
I'm making some parkour/spar mods too but i'm kinda stuck..
Got any inspiration or left over ideas for a fellow viking?
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PM me with any and all questions
I want. Sadly, I cannot test this at the moment but looking at the screenshots, it looks pretty damn awesome.
These environmental mods makes me want to create my own mods.
these mods are boss, havent played them but they look so epic, i wish i could spar with people on these types of mods, sadly it will just put the same mod that you have on, another sucess jisse
nvm is working perfectly now
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I'm ready for my daily dose of cringe ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)