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Toribash multilingual.
A way to translate other peoples language, also be able to type in other languages. Like you type something and it makes it into another language.


Person number1:
Different language from English.= Hello how are you.

Person number2:
Oh I am great! = Different language from English.

This would be in the scripts folder, or option ether one.

It would be an option with a drop down menu with all of the main languages. Russian, Spanish, Mexican, so on and so on.

It also would be a good option for a quick select ingame.


Your chat bar>
/opt translate Russian - English

That would be>
Different language from English.= Hello how are you.


Your chat bar>
/opt translate English - Russian

That would be>
Oh I am great! = Different language from English.

I think this would help out our language barriers and get to know people from other countries that are not multi linguistic.

Or /opt language english, all the text they type is translated in english for only you.
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I suggest that you use google translate instead of putting devs through so much pain.
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You still can't copy and paste the chat, such as Russian into the Google translator, Hero, though you can speak to them without understanding their response. It might be easier instead of using so many things for /opt. You could just do /language <Language> Or /translate <Language> <Language> So everything in A different language that is currently on the screen would be translated. The problem I see with this, is that many words in many languages are relativity the same spelling, but are very different in meaning. So use Spanish for example. And you want to translate it to English. Some English words and Spanish words are the same, but have different meanings, and since they use most of the same characters, that would be a problem.
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There was a way to copy out of the chat bar at one paste but I cannot remember how or if the option is still available. It would just be a big convenience because in Toribash ingame how do you really have time to copy and paste something into the Google translator. Actually the list it is not big enough for you to catch something some one is saying, so it would be very difficult in a heated discussion.

And yes, I do know if you press tab it makes the list longer.

You can also press page up to scroll up through the chat.
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How much players do you see ingame with good or near perfect grammar ingame? Even small grammatical spelling mistakes can make a translator useless. And I do not think it is possible to program a translator accurate enough to understand grammatical mistakes and correct them.

So most of the time, the translator will be failing, unless the devs code one that is as good as google translate.
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ingame translator
i think there should be a ingame translator because it gets annoying trying to talk to somone who doesnt speak your language
Well, there might be a problem with this. Slang for one. I'm pretty sure the majority of Toribash doesn't speak/type with perfect grammar and punctuation. I don't think an in-game translator would be able to decipher slang, or words that people use that aren't even in the dictionary.
I really do like the idea, but that would make it much more difficult for the programming, and it would take a large amount of work, if it ever were to happen, it would be in quite a long time.
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