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[TGO]How to host a successful betting server?

Hello I am Devil, currently founder of TGOBets and I have seen many betting servers that either get abandoned because of low people, or just have no one betting. In this tutorial I will tell you basics to prevent that.

  • First, to attract more people into your betting server, always host a server when there are lots of people on. You can figure out how many people are on at the top right corner of the forums, this can help you figure out if enough are people are actually on to bet.

    How to check current players on?

  • Second, make the new room easy to type like "bets" "coolbets" "epicbets" and nothing something too complex. If you want to make a bet server by your name and its too big try to make it the first letter of your name and bets combined. For exp. Username= Deadmau567 Betservername= DBets.
  • Third, always remember to set the /desc and /motd. This helps people see what is going on in your server. /desc is what people see before joining your server. When they join they get /motd which is message of the day. You can put betframes in it or whatever you want. /desc should be "High betting here!" or "Bets with prizes" or anything associated with betting.
  • Fourth, you have to know what betframes and minbet are in order to host a server. Betframes are how many frames people have to bet before its locked and no one else can bet. Minbet is the minimum amount people can bet. People usually like minbet set at 100 which is default unless you are doing highstakes. People usually like betframes at 80, but 50 can be used to to prevent profit stealing
  • Setting Owner, Always remember to set a owner pass so you can get op whenever you want. To do this you must type /setowner (Passwordhere) and then use /owner (Passwordhere) to get op. This can be extremely helpful in case you ping or loose op.
  • Getting Rid Of Lag, Always remember to change /maxclients to a low number around 20-25 so that the server does not ping or ghost on you. If the server does ghost on you, create a new one.
  • Setting Mod, Most people prefer to use Aikidobigdojo.tbm as the betting mod, Aikido is fine too but it has less space for the players. Remember to pick a mod which requires skill so people bet on their favorite players.

Earning Revenue
Money can be earned if you are hosting a betting server via.
  • House, Type /house (Serverhost'sUsername), gives you 10% of players bets lost.
  • Nudges, Type /nudge (player) (pos), You can sell nudges at a decent rate to people who want to play fast.
  • Enterfee, /enterfee amount (MUST USE HOUSE FOR THIS), Gives you enterfee if your really desperate for tc. You must put it in your motd, and inform everyone there is a enterfee to prevent scams.

Getting Players
  • Globaling, costs 5k if vip/10k if normal member, sends a broadcast throughout toribash server to advertise your betting server. Click to broadcast your server.
  • Prizes, Set a decap prize to a amount or an item, you can do trivias or just random giveaways, up to you.
  • Maxrake, maxrake is what players get from some of the bets if they win. People usually stay for it and if you are really low on players you can set this via typing /maxrake (Amount) <-- 1000 Preferred.

This is all I have for now, ask any questions below and it will be added to the tutorial, if any changes need to be made post here, thanks for reading, and happy betting.

Ok the. , devil if you can add this to a new point
*- try to host a server while a GM is online , because players get attracted to GMes
*- once you hosted couple of servers and people started to know you , and you started to make profits , DO NOT stop , they will like to be around you
*-make sure to know where most players are from example: 55% of players are Russians .. So they will get on a specific time like -5PM in my time .. 10AM in there time
Those points may not be useful at all ^

If I got more points .. I'll make sure to post them.
Rememore i'm darkangle2
It's a Really cool replay
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Hey devil what if You have 0 Tc in a giant betting server and your the host do You wate till it's your turn, or do you do something els
@darkAngle2 you can do /house

which gives you some TC from the Bettings , that means your TC will have more value than 0

also selling nudges is another way to make TC through Betting servers that you host them.
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Ok thanks
Hey also come over to my betting server sometimes
Hey guy's i'm doing a betting server now. Can You guy's plz join. If You do
Do /jo JBetz
Oh and guy's i hope You don't mind but can i borrow 5k for Tc so i can do global
You don't have to ok just asking
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