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How to use The toribash Font outside of toribash
After seeing a request for this tutorial here, i've made a simple tutorial showing you how you can use the toribash font out of toribash.

The toribash font is called "badaboom BB edit", it comes included in the data directory of toribash when you download it, and to get it to work in other programmes you have to put the font into the default font list for your computer.

Step 1. Go to your toribash file directory, then move onto step 2. If you dont know how to get to your file directory read below:

Go into my computer, then you go into your local disk, and there you will find a folder called games, in which should be located the toribash directory (or folder).

Step 2. Go into the data folder in your toribash directory, then into the font folder. In here you will find two font files, the main toribash font yuo want is called toribash.

Step 3. Once you have located the toribash font file copy it. Aftr you have copied it, you need to find the correct area to paste it.

Step 4. Go to my computer, and once again select the local disk, after you have done this, select the WINDOWS folder. Once you are in the windows folder, you should be able to find a folder called fonts, once you have foind this folder go into it. Finally, you just need to paste the toribash font file into this folder, and you should be able to use the font in any program you wish.

It is also possible to change your toribash font, this tutorial explains how to do so.
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