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[REL/MP] Battleground Sparring!!
It's time again people!

Jisse's new sparring pack is finally here (not that anyone has been waiting)!
Let's take a look at the mods, hmm?

Clicky for pictures

Please, share these mods with your friends but most of all ENJOY!
Critisizm and CnC is always very welcome!
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jisse_battleground_zentemple.tbm (17.0 KB, 289 views)
jisse_battleground_azurite.tbm (11.4 KB, 246 views)
jisse_battleground_heaven.tbm (9.7 KB, 235 views)
jisse_battleground_toxic.tbm (8.8 KB, 214 views)
Aww yiss you did it again, il be downlouding them very soon. :P Then il give my comment.
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Im speechless really surprised of these mods you made,and this is the best one i ever seen in toribash!
Sweet lordy, you have amazing talent at this.

Downloading them. Test them out with me feggit.
~d e g e n e r a t e~