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this is my head shop every one is welcome exept sainzgc
in this shop all thats gona be presented are my top heads i place some in spinys and others i dont
no stupid offers (any stupid offers will be reported)
no spam
no random questions
i add heads when some are sold
I take tc or items with value

And i do requests for 1500+ tc
enjoy some music while you choose

example 1 ( SOLD to 16bars for 3.1k)

Example 2 (for sale)

Example 3 (not for sale)

Head for sale " Roboteyes"

Head " Visor" Sold to haybale for 1.8k

Robotic head ( i want atleast 4k+ )

ill be adding heads you may also request statting all the details you want in the head
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swosh swosh swosh swosh swosh Old shop (to be redone)
Let me see if anyone posts anything ok?
if not it's yours
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swosh swosh swosh swosh swosh Old shop (to be redone)
Before I send which file export are you sending it as?

Also, you could simply send the flat using an image hosting website and getting the image link and wrapping it in a code.