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'Ignore' command
Well. As you know, There is /opt chat /opt particles, Ect. So why not /opt mute player? This could stop people from complaining about trolls and or spammers.
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I believe there was something like this or it got suggested but maybe the command should be something like /ignore [player name]
It would be a pretty good idea i think
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Been achieved by scripts already ^_^

[REL] Ignore Script

But ur idea could work too
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Ignore/mute player option
I'd like A LOT that Toribash would have ignore option. A command or a button to simply ignore either all of the players or one or some of them.


1.st I and probably quite a few other people don't want to read what some people talk at chat. I have some kids talking trading or some other shit, I simply don't want to hear it.

2nd. I think it would be a feature easy to add for the developers.

3rd. It's already in some other games where I can ignore all or some people and it's a great feature.

Any1 to support my idea?
Muting Players
Muting Players should be an option we have, Like in most other games. We should be able to mute people only for ourselves so that we don't have to see their comments in the chat. I think this would fix and if not decrease a lot of issues with racism, raging and all-around-douche-baggery since now they can be muted.
If we were to have a command for this, I'd imagine it to be something along the lines of /ignore [username].

.. But then again, if people are harassing you, you can always just notify a Gamemaster/Super Moderator (depending on where said event is occurring and the level of severity).
Well yea you can always report but there's too many people who harass others, and these people will always be around since alts are so easy to make, so this would be a good way around the issue
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alts are so easy to make

there is something called IP .. and telling a GM that you are being harassed again
/ignore username
/unignore username

It's not case-sensitive.
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