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Want to join The Team?

Player Card:
About Your Self:
Do You Have Any Special Skills That Would Benefit The Team?:
Replays (3 replays):

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Good day Dr. Freud
Name: Jimmy Le - Real life | D3m0nz - Ingame
Age: 16
Player card:

About your self: I'm a pretty nice guy. I play around a lot, but I'll be serious when I have to. I love hanging around a group of friends when I'm not busy with anything. I also love to have long conversations with people. (Sadly, there are only a few moments that I have ever gotten into lately.)
Do you have any special skills that would benefit the team?: I can spar, trick, parkour a little, make replays, and I make textures.I don't believe these skills can benefit the team, sadly. However, I can take a shot at making banners and whatnot. I warn you, I'm not the best at it.
Replays (3 replays): Here you go. -P.S. The mod for "D3_Lexxar_Mod_Spar" is below it. Just in case you don't have the mod.
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D3_Ryoukoo_Trick.rpl (474.7 KB, 74 views)
D3_Kyou_Spar.rpl (706.8 KB, 59 views)
D3_Lexxar_Mod_Spar.rpl (663.6 KB, 28 views)
jisse_battleground_toxic.tbm (8.8 KB, 20 views)
Name: Jisse or Joakim.
Age: 14.
Player card:

About your self: I'm a pretty good sparrer, traceur, replaymaker and so on. I live in Sweden and I study to become an arkitect. I play Toribash or other games a lot, when I'm not sleeping, hanging with friends or at school.
Do you have any special skills that would benefit the team?: I guess I'm not the best artist (I do make textures from time to time), so probably aciveness, ideas, support and replays. None of these are really special though. I make enviormental mods too, might be usefull for upcoming videos.
Replays (3 replays):
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@D3: You're replays aren't quite there yet. Just keep on practicing and I'm sure you'll get there sooner or later. But no for now.

@Jisse: Sadly really special replays are exactly what we're looking for. I think you know my opinion on your environmental mods. No for now .
Age: 18
Player card:
About your self: I am a pretty chill guy, and i am a perfectionist when it comes to replaymaking(meaning that i will edit almost every single frame until i am completly satisfied with the outcome) so yeah at the moment i am studying to become an engineer/welder and currently i am at the second year of "gymnasium" and have part time job as a welder at WGS(Welding Group Sweden)
Do you have any special skills that would benefit the team?: well i am a pretty experienced sparrer and replaymaker, you could say that i specialize in realism and everything that has to do with nograb and -30 gravity. So i think i can help you guys to make the replays for the event videos.
Replays (3 replays): I formated my harddrive earlier today so i can only provide you with two replays and a 1500frame long selfspar WIP.
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Swex- Divine.rpl (3.02 MB, 111 views)
Swex- Tidal Tantrum.rpl (260.0 KB, 115 views)
#THIS IS WAR 32.rpl (2.33 MB, 149 views)
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A true replay maker only knows blood,sweat,tears and glory...ALSO failure, ALOT of failure.
also i sing harshvocals n stuff
@SWEXxELITE: You have the skills that we are looking for.
You are now being discussed.
The result will be announced soon.
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D3 : I agree with oba.

Jisse and swex : You have both my yes. But I know, Jisse, you have to correct some things with your mods.It shows a mindset that does not match with our team.

My Youtube channel : Mocucha Toribash


Name: TamaKuu / Marrez Johnson
Age: 15 years old
Player card:
About your self: Well, I don't have anything necessarily interesting about me. I draw, I edit, and I game. I'm fairly simple to get a long with and I can take honest opinions well as long as I get some decent reasoning.
Do you have any special skills that would benefit the team?: Well, my replay making skills surely may not be beneficial, but I'm a... decent... artist.
Replays (3 replays):
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[TK]- T- Pewpewpew.rpl (143.3 KB, 54 views)
[TK]- T- Sei Fong Qi.rpl (231.3 KB, 35 views)
[TK]- M- Baklamm.rpl (291.9 KB, 36 views)
the goblin
@Jisse: You have good potential, but your replays are not impressive. Keep practicing.
Its a no for now.
@tamakuu: Same as jisse, keep practicing and apply in the future.

Congratulations SWEXxELITE you are now part of the team.
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Good day Dr. Freud