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How To Play Toribash Youtube series.

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This is a YouTube video series with a main purpose of helping all
new-comers, beginners and average players learn more about the game and how to play it.

Each video will have a difficulty level as well as a main tutorial on a aspect of the game and a lesson for players to try out.

If you have any sort of problem ingame, please post here letting me know so I can help you out.


The "Old" tutorials

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Nice work so far. I will sticky this once you release some more episodes.
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Also guys I'm looking for some good players to help me discuss other mods (such as judo and wushu etc) Since I'm terrible at them it would be better if fought and shared some tips and tricks to how to survive or how to ultimately win a judo match. So if you guys are good at judo (will be next video) then please pm me, since I need 2 players (as I won't be fighting [since I've never really played judo] but it will be a cool thing to learn).
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wow These are nice and really good Also can i take part or something pm me if so But so far Great Ill try to sub if i have time im busy in weekends but just om me if so
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