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The worlds first double corkscrew?
I might just have landed the worlds first double cork...
The Wind walker replay has a bunch of lag in it, due to my poor textediting skills. The replay was originally a really bad mp spar between me and Lexx, I edited everything from the cork setup in sp though. Turning an mp spar into a sp tricking replay in notepad is harder than you might think(I had to hand write all the frames, the laggy parts are where I missed a frame or two). I'll upload the mp/sp hybrid as well(not edited in notepad at all), so you'll see I landed it without hacking. This all sounds very confusing, sorry about that.

Now onto the replay. Tell me what you think please.
*Edit, this replay right here is only a hypercork, scroll down for the double*
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Yup, that's a double cork if I've ever seen one. Great job! 10/10 for suceeding in what you set out to do.
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First double cork mm... Yes, it's the first double cork I see in a replay.

10/10 or kinda of a CnC:

Your hits were sexy and was planned well as I see.
Liked the thing you've wrote onto uke's head. (/em)
Corks were super sexy because it's really hard.
*I'm really bad at CnC so don't blame me ;)

Also, xspar.tbm mod?
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That was an MP spar, and Lexx was Uke. That spar doesn't really have anything to do with this thread anyway, I just want you to know that I didn't hacked.
And yes, xspar was the mod :P
Seems legit, but just want to ask something.
It might be because of that glitchy stuff you mentioned, but why does it seem that speeds are different at certain parts of the replay? For example, if you pause the MP one at 352, the speed is 36.82, and in the one where you cut out the cork it's 44.69.
I've got no idea...
It's probably something I missed when transforming it from mp to sp. The replays are exactly the same though, except from the lag/glitches (leg at 390, right wrist and 360).