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Oh hey there
'Sup guys, I've been inactive for a long time and I came back 1 month ago, so don't be rude with me :>
So, let's start with 2 replays made today.
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#Dave - Far Away.rpl (208.5 KB, 87 views)
#Dave - Ridin' Dirty.rpl (192.4 KB, 46 views)
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[17:41] <@pusga> i want to cum inside dave
Far away - It was very good, I definitely saw some rust, though. You were pretty stiff most of the replay, but you got uke really fucked up and that skeet was incredibly done. Although I think you should try turning on the self-dm, because that skeet could end up in a skeet with Dm. 7/10

Ridin' Dirty - this one wasn't that good, I mean you were really stiff and had no flow. Your hits were good, but I expected a little bit more, for example: that kick on the legs, you could have at least gotten more dms out of it, like the other glute, the crotch block, maybe? Whatever, other than the flow and the dms there's not much to talk about in madmans. 5/10
Thanks for your comments, I appreciate it.
There are some replays I made some days ago
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#Dave - Trouble On My Mind.rpl (197.5 KB, 27 views)
#Dave - Dont Let Me Fall.rpl (138.3 KB, 25 views)
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[17:41] <@pusga> i want to cum inside dave
Trouble on my mind: I really like how you did the splitcap. The pec kick was still alright, but it felt a bit not-so-good.

This is family business: The opener and boomhit were generic, but I liked everything from there. The bicycle simulation was funny and the crotch kick was pretty solid.

Somewhere over the rainbow: This one was pretty sweet, the splitcap was pretty fast and it was completely clean.
Nice pec kick, and I usually hate ground impacts but this one was well made.
The last hit was meh, not as good as the rest, but still a very nice replay.

Dont let me fall: Not a fan of the manip, you used grab twice and slammed Uke's hand on your head. The split was alright, and the boomhit was very solid but predictable. Still, gets some credit for the execution.
The knee dm flowed well and I just like knee dms so enjoyable replay.
Nice one dave.
The replay i enjoyed most is...

This is family buisness - I Enjoyed this replay, The boom was great but on your way down im not sure if it was a trick or you was struggling to stay up but you transitioned it into the hip kick well though. The second kick from the hip dismemberment should of dismembered something but it still looked ok.

Keep it up.
Smoke it Up - In some moment opener slows down, i don't like this moment, but it's a good slow down letting you to do a acurate little manipulation up there.
on 1st hit i would expect a little more destruction.
2nd hit was perfect in it's way because you weren't able to do any more destruction up there, I'm missing the pose up there
It looks like a bit ChezDa style up there but with something new added to it, good flow through all parts of the replay made it stylish and just great.
Keep it up.
<iRookie>This clan got a lot of epic members, such as missuse and Aj, Pulse and Kaszanas, and I want to be part of them.
Thanks for your opinion brah <3
Also made a new replay, I think I'm improving right now
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#Dave - Veni Vidi Vici.rpl (120.8 KB, 22 views)
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[17:41] <@pusga> i want to cum inside dave
Opener was slow and stiff, but I don't mind. The kick was great, though, really loved it.
You're improving, can't wait to see more of your replays.
yeah ok
First, I would like to say if I liked the name of the replay

Opener was nice and the boom looked powerful, but it looked messy a bit.
You were stiff in the mid air though, pose was meh.

pretty good replay i would say ;)
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