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[Mod] parkour dream C
ok here is my new mod for u parkouers it has a brake able stuff and a sword and other extra, i fixe the bug what was in original version, i hope u like it.
cnc, comments are welcome

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parkour_dream_c_.tbm (36.1 KB, 227 views)
U have yet again made an awesome and fun parkour mod

Loving the design and all the obsticalse


EDIT: made an replay, loving the mod
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Parkour dream c.rpl.rpl (266.1 KB, 66 views)
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Love this mod, play it all the time. But the ledge is annoying though :c, It gives too much backwards momentum for my run. You should also make the top of the bin slippery.

epic mod joope
i made a pretty good replay. good mod btw
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almost.rpl (850.2 KB, 32 views)
attention all space cadets hip hop is the triple threat its spreading like the internet come and place ur betz
the akward moment when i realize i forgot change my versio of test replays mod from modmaker.tbm to parkour_dream_c_.tbm :P

, wow u both made damn good replays :o

,tapri 9/10 i hope u would have been able do it till end
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Again awesome mod! To prove I loved it I made a replay. Also I didn't do that last part I just ran there.
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Death9535- Parkour Dream C.rpl (618.4 KB, 24 views)
Replay thread

Just made...

I kinda tested everything at the end while I was making this replay. Also Can you make the balls bouncier? I wanted to kick them but I could barely move them. This replay is the same thing but i do things at the end.
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Death9535- Parkour Dream C v2.rpl (880.8 KB, 13 views)
Replay thread

Just made...

Christ, you're just cranking these things out, aren't you? Great work man, keep it coming.
Preposterously dank.