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[TV] Tactical Vindicators

The sole purpose of this organization is for inexperienced players of toribash get a firm grip on the game. It is to experience the unexperienced.

ARA and Tactical Vindicators you can say are the same school, but different departmets ;)
Which will be settled between Me & Lorrtex sooner or later. Sooner most probably.

Our Official IRC Channel!!!
Stick around in IRC and get to know us better. It's helpful if you're going to join us. We pick our members very specifically. On the other hand students are just a click away since we're a school and anybody (students) are allowed to learn.


[Aeon]CaKe - Custom Belt


(They take ingame sessions with students. Highly ranked in the organization.)

[Aeon]CaKe - Custom Belt
(Specializes in: Aikido, Lenshu, Kickbox and Judo)

[Aeon]Habeeb - 10th Dan Black Belt.
(Specializes in: Aikido mostly.)

[Fa]Fenris - 4th Dan Black Belt
(Specializes in: Aikido and Lenshu.)

[Inq]Lorrtex - 7th Dan Black Belt
(Specializes in: Aikido and Taekkyon)

[Fa]ZeTo - Custom Belt
(Specializes in: Aikido, Wushu and Kickbox)

[TLL]Ezylryb - 9th Dan Black Belt
(Specializes in: Wushu, Lenshu and mostly Aikido)

[Re]Aracoon - 9th Dan Black Belt
(Specializes in: Aikido (varients), Taekeon (Varients)

[Reaper]Jeww - 2nd Dan Black Belt
(Specializes in: rk-mma, greykido)

(u)Beta - Custom Belt

(Specializes in: Aikido Varients, Ninjutsu, Wushu, Parkour Mods.)

[CW]Sil - Custom Belt
(Specializes in Aikido Varients)



(The future teachers and masters of the mods.)

[Peace]Swaves / Teacher: Lorrtex / Aikido
[Obey]Vordred / Teacher: Kristis133 / Aikido, Tekkyon
[raku]Eason / Teacher: - CaKe / ABD, Aikido, Judo
[Ace]drandlymat / Teacher: Lorrtex, CaKe / Wushu, Aikido, Lenshu3ng
[Fa]Luminusian / Teacher: Ezylryb / Aikido Vairents
[r]Uncle / Teacher: CaKe / Basic Mods

You want to join us?

The application is free form for both - teachers and students. However there are a few things that you MUST mention. You'll find them below.

-State Clearly :teacher or student?
-Your belt.
-Your GMT.
-Do you have Skype?
(It's very recommended for you to have a skype account. That makes all the teaching thing way easier.)
-Mod(s) you are willing to learn/teach.
-Why you're here and what are your goals.

This org is approved by almighty Fish

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[Peace] Swaves
Belt: Orange
Mods I specialise in : Rk-mma
Who am I : I like to play toribash and do outdoors stuff
You have to be atleast 5th dan for teachers. I'm sorry.
You could be a student.
Which mod do you need help in?

Also, Kristis133 has been added Co-leader
Clan and username: [i]Lorrtex
Belt: 7th dan
Mods you specialize in: I'll teach any variants of Taekkyon and Aikido.
Who are you?: My butt. That is all.

Also replays.
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in the name of the manly balthier send me your orc/chronos/gladiator items
I'm checking the replays just a sec.

You're in.
Welcome :P
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