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eazi's Replay Thread
Hello there, I've decided to make a new replay thread with replays that suck less.
I really want to improve so please help me out by commenting on my replays
Thank you for your time, Enjoy.
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[eazi] - Pulchritudinous.rpl (261.7 KB, 67 views)
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opener was fairly nice, jump was okay,
first hit was good as was the decap
next hit could be a little bit cleaner.
It was a little too grabby for my liking
Overall it was a nice replay, but nothing special.
Like Lucid said, it was too grabby.

I don't like how you grabbed to decap and for other dm's. It ruins the simplicity and specialness of the replay.
Thank you for your comments. Here's my new replay.
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[eazi] - Twisted.rpl (207.2 KB, 36 views)
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Once I get to an able comp I will give you some CnC b but for now can you CnC my newest replay
Have a great day, thanks for looking at this post I guess.
cnc is an endangered resource
I gotcha bro.

That was actually quite good. I would say I'm surprised I've never heard of you, but that's probably because I haven't touched this game for a solid couple of months. The whole "double contracted legs into kicking the ground for momentum" opener thing is somewhat cliche by now, but at least you used it to go directly into a hook kick rather than into something more obvious. Hook kick was great by the way. Excellent followup kick and you transitioned out of your upside down position seamlessly, very professional. Last kick was great, but I would either have you make that a boomhit or just a decap, because a boomhit is obviously more explosive, and would make the setup for that kick seem more "worth it". A singular decap, though, is also good because you can really get the head rather than worrying about other parts, and really make that thing fly.
Overall, great replay, just a couple fine-tuning things you need to do with your style and strategy.
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<3 Larfen. Thanks a lot.

This one's a bit short
Comments would be very appreciated... like always
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[eazi] - BlackJack.rpl (145.7 KB, 31 views)
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(╯°□°)╯︵ pɐǝɹɥʇ ʎɐldǝɹ
A two month old replay posted in my old replay thread.
Just to keep this thread going :/
I'd love comments for the BlackJack replay
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[eazi] - Unforgiven.rpl (255.1 KB, 24 views)
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(╯°□°)╯︵ pɐǝɹɥʇ ʎɐldǝɹ
BlackJack was great. I have to agree with Larfen, you don't get enough attention. I'll be sure to check this thread more often.
So the split was pretty much awesome. Clean, powerful and it looked good.
Grab was well placed and then you did a kind of kick I never see anymore, and that in my opinion looks great. Most people don't like it because it's not that powerful, but you even got a boomhit with it.
Last hit finished it off well, you didn't need the grab for it and that's good.

Unforgiven had a cool opener, just wished that knee kick was a bit more powerful.
The grab had somewhat wierd placing, but you were so close to Uke that I guess you had no choice.
I would have not used that same grab for the other kick though, looked like you had some trouble keeping the momentum after you switched directions like that.
Skeet was great though, perfectly aimed and your setup wasn't really the best so kudos for that.
oh yeah