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Holo's Wushu Replays
Sup fellas, Holo here with a couple wushu replays, both old and new.
I'd appreciate some comments and whatnot.

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slutgg.rpl (119.6 KB, 53 views)
wu3 fast.rpl (88.0 KB, 44 views)
gggdue.rpl (116.1 KB, 32 views)
fira2.rpl (116.4 KB, 25 views)
bru wdeepeepy.rpl (108.5 KB, 33 views)
Some more replays where I open various cans of whoop ass.
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bru mikkola.rpl (115.5 KB, 20 views)
bru xhiba.rpl (119.1 KB, 23 views)
ricegggg.rpl (116.0 KB, 19 views)
wu3encorepl.rpl (87.7 KB, 23 views)
wuhguf editz.rpl (90.4 KB, 20 views)
Great wushu replays we should play sometime in this mod you look like a cool person to play with in wushu.
i am the best in toribash
some replays from a few years ago (the zeto and mwah ones are only a few months old though)
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imapirate t2 test 2.rpl (115.4 KB, 9 views)
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