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[TEX] megatron head
here is a head that i made for a request might be done, might not.. depends on what kind of feedback i get.

harsh feedback is welcome. find something you dont like about it.

Holeh shit man

Looks litterally amazing
i can't realy complain about annything
maybie a tiny bit to large nose area
but that's it

realy good job 9/10

Oh and also, i don't realy like how a robot has teeth

i would sugest doing a metal plate with symbols over that area instead
but it's the requester and you'rse call

hope you finish this
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looks like you got lazy with the drawing work around the top area, its just not the same as quality as the rest.
your lines are a little too soft, harder lines, harder angles with more precise shading work.
design around the eyes is boring, that <.> eyes are so 2009.
the visable brown area is too smooth, i dont want to see a blank background.

Needs more contrast in the metal shading, looks like plastic or clay. less black shades and more pure white highlights. the black should be less common, should only be used to make certain shadows really pop.
clearer definition between the highlights and the shadows.

some of the shapes dont feel natural, however, I dont know how it looks on the sphere, maybe it was intentional, i dunno.

but mostly emphasis on the harder lines and angles, more clarity between light and dark, less black, more white, subtle but strong shadows and bright and vibrant highlights..
i found the shadows in the red highlited areas and highlights in the blue highlighted areas just not strong enough.
and the lines not sharp or crisp enough.
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Everything that Ben said
Also there's a seam in the middle
Still a lot better than most heads on here
Just needs a little work
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another thing:
the line of the plates of the sides(indicated by the green on the left) would not look so great on the sphere. you want to exaggerate them more to make the lines noticable and attractive on sphere(indicated by green on the right)

big vertical lines on the sides dont often work, the lines need to be almost moulded to the sphere.
which is why you see so many lines that work around the circles on the template
like leonardos latest texture:
matching circles with the sphere is just so much more effective than using long vertical lines.
So when using vertical lines, it helps to keep them shorter or incorporate them into curves.
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this is what i wanted. Someone to wake me up again. Top was kinda a last minute thing, i had something else but quickly went over it. I'll make it Less harsh/better. Also you want to explain about the eyes thing?
the eye design in general is just meh, those v shaped eyes just look like lazy design.
i know its supposed to be based off a resource pic of megatron, but you can take liberties with the design.
i just see so many options when looking at that resource, picking up the eyebrow thingy and incorporating that into the eye design, breaking down the lines and reacreating them.
i just see that whole area of the highlighted section as the eye, and the potential to mess around with the design and make it more interesting.
youve just sorta glossed over it and made it more boring

brightening up the colours and messing with the lighting to create a focal point and make that area really pop.
with your lighting, youve made the side plates the focal, whereas i think the eyes should be more the focus.

When you finish it, or if it is finished, make a nice preview for me please, for the showcase
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did some things.
didnt adjust the straight lines to angles. kinda messed around with it and decided it was good enough. :]
Fuck the blue stuff, the head looks great.
But can you add some more detail to the top and add some battlescratches and i will be happy..

I cant w8 till the head is done<3
And if its possible, try to make the left top head plate got a broken off piece.
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im colors

secret info

here is this. might change if i hate it enough. I was messing around with the sphere thing in photoshop and i think i over lit it.