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[Tex] Head: Miami kutie (Cartoon)
This is a request by User,
Softwares i used for this: Sketchbook pro, Gimp, Love.

Had alot of fun working on this head
CNC etc<3
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Where can I find this love program you use?

Looks very nice, particularly like the shading on the face and how you did the back of the hair.
MRootz amazed me again...i know you do the head for your fun bcs you had creativity...GJ

I love it ^-^
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hahaha. i googled the love program XD. okay, cnc. everything looks awesome. only part that bothers me would be the ears. looks a bit.. polygonal..? it creates a contrast to the curves of the other parts of the head.
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Nice shadingon the face, and the mouth also looks pretty good. Good job, bro.
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Finally, a texture where the nose doesn't bother me!
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Really great, love the hair, mouth look great, only cnc I can really think of is it need some more shading on the face.
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