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ok i will have lots of free time now

i did (-> i continued)

and i finished 2 old wips (-> i am enough & ayedeekay) (feb 2016 & jun 2018 resp.)

and made a new replay (-> helping hand)

merry christmas
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i am enough.rpl (377.4 KB, 16 views)
ayedeekay.rpl (140.9 KB, 15 views)
helping hand.rpl (138.0 KB, 15 views)
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Awesome work fudgie! I really enjoyed watching these, you have such smooth movements and clean hits. Please make more! I recently got into manip/ukebashing as well and its good inspiration to see you still actively working on replays.
Keep up the good work!
All of them were fun to watch
i love your style and you look really clean

nice skeets but you could work on getting more dms on booms
those hits have lots of potentials
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how does one get back from a long ass hiatus this good.
you're seriously one of the greats out there man, cheers for your comeback!
thank u for the compliments

@Deni for some hits i take into account if i can follow up after the hit to dm as many joints as possible. for example in helping hand i chose to keep it to the chest dm so i could make ukes upper body do my bidding.
i usually try to get the most i can though, but im easily satisfied with 3 dms

have some more

7 replays / 7 days btw
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piece of shit
Good god if these replays were oils, I'd ask you to rub them all over me. I can almost smell the Vaseline you put between your joints, good stuff. DMs remind me of scooping ice cream.

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good continuation on the spin, you grabby handed a bit early but the knee dm surprised me

movement wasn't my cup of tea, but hits and combo flowed pretty well gj
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