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ronalds' guide to using your toribash directory to maximum effect
I've seen a lot of tutorials related to doing things in your toribash directory, so i though i would explain what each thing in your toribash directoy does, and explain how you can customise it to change your game experience.

Locating your toribash folder

The first thing you will need to do is to locate your toribash folder. You will find this folder in the location where you chose to install toribash when you installed it. For me to find my toribash folder, i take the following route on my pc:

Inside the toribash directory

Once inside the directory you will see a bunch of icons that looks something like the following:

As you can see, there will be a mixture of icons and folers, i shall explain what each of them does:

- These three icons are all shortcuts to open toribash. The oen calles Toribash_Wide opens the widescreen version of toribash

I don't actually know how to use these icons, they are soemthing to do with how the game works, and they shouldnt be medelled with, because they could ruin your toribash.

Each of these icons can be opened in notepad, seeing as though there are quite a lot of them, i will explain each one individually:
tb_run: This contains the information logged by the game the last time you opened it, it contains the time and date of teh last time you ran toribash and states if any updates were made to the game.
README: The readme file gives breif instructions on how to play the game to get you started, when you install the game, this will automatically open up if you check the box that asks you if you would like to read the readme.
FAQ: This has answers some frequently asked questions.
file_updates: When you open this up in notepad, you will see that it logs all the files the games has downloaded from updates it has received.
manual: This is the instructional manual for everything to do with toribash in game, it has advice and tips, so is worth a read.
autoupdate: The autoupdate file lists any updates which occured the lest time you opened toribash.
servers: The servers file contains informations on all the servers, it contains their ip, their number and their name, to add any other servers to show up on the game, you will need to add them onto the list inside this file.
stderr: This is the error file, and it is created if soemthing went wrong with your game and it lists the details about what went wrong, its also know as an error report.
ver_updates:This is another file which lists updates of toribash, you dont really need to use it.
tb_login: If you made toribash save your login detail, this file is created which contains your username and password.

This is the uninstall icon, double click on it to begin uninstallign toribash.


Inside your toribash directory are other folders, each contains more files and folders, some of which can be changed or added to to modify toribash.

The autosave folder contains all your automatically saved replays, so you can go into this to rummage through all the replays to find a multiplayer replay you want, or whatever.

Inside your custom folder is where all the data for different players customisations are stored. It contains a folder for each player, which contains details about what their character looks like.
To see a turorial on meddling around with your cusotm folder go here.

This folder contains Pov-Ray incs and information, to see a tutorial on Pov-Ray click here

This folder contains all of the replays that you saved manually.

When you are running toribash, you can take a screenshot by pressing the F8 key, it takes a still shot of whatever was on your toribash screen at the moment, this iamge is then stored in the screenshots folder.

The data folder contains various other folders, when you go into the data folder you will see soemthign like this:

As you can see, there are various thing sto explain:

Buddies: This file lists all the buddies you have added, so the game uses this file when counting the amount of buddies you have in each server by matching the names in the file to the names in the servers.

As well as the buddy list information, the data fodler contains 8 more folders:

You dont need to use this folder, there is nothing in there that you can change, the only thing it contains is the tool which converts toribash replays into mpeg videos with the movie script.

This folder contains the fonts used on toribash, you can changes these to other fonts if you wish to indiviualise your toribash, to see how to do this, view this turorial

The mod folder contains all the mods in toribash that appear on your mods list in game. You can make your own mods and put them into this folder, to do so see here. This is also where you are meant to save mods when you download them.

The music folder contains the background music for your toribash game, you can change this to another peice of music if you wish, to see how to do so see this tutorial.

This folder contains all your scripts which you can activate ingame, it also contains some more folder which explain things to do with lua scripts. This is where you would save any scripts that you download, once you have saved a script in here, you can go into the scripts menu ingame and activate it. To find out more about Lua scripts, see these tutorials:
Lua tutorial 1
Lua tutorial 2
Lua tutorial 3

The shader folder contains all of the shaders that you can use in game, so to download a shader to use ingame, save it in here, and if you make your own you would also need to save it in here.

This folder contains all the sounds and noises you here ingame when tori and uke collide and break, each sound can be modified or changed if you wish, to see a tutorial on how to do so click here

This folder contains any images which you seen in toribash, such as the toribash logo and any other logos you see in the game.

If you have any more questions, or would like to sugges timprovements to add to this tutorial feel free to post here.
very win tut
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You won't need to open the .dll files.

The default.cfg file can be opened in a text editor if you really want to look at it - it contains the default settings that Toribash loads on startup, i.e. whether the game starts up with Shaders enabled or not, whether it starts in fullscreen mode or not, etc. (a .cfg is an interpreted configuration file).

You're not supposed to modify it - if you do, the game might go to buggery (I remember enabling fullscreen in the file when it wasn't set as default ingame, for some inane reason, and I had to redownload to get it off again after that).
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