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[VID]Arrakis motion
So its my second video where I'm trying some other ways of looking at toribash. Nothing special as usual. No freecam, no cool effects,no awesome replays.
And probably it was done before(I'm almost sure it was).

First video is Tokara if you guys are intrested.

Used:Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 10.0
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excellent vid man, not much to say here, as it's a very different and new style of editing C: great job
The video is great! Even though it has simple effects, their combination with the music creates a great atmoshpere! I say that it could've used some freecam in there, but anyways, I say that the video is really good!
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There were places where the mirror didn't look great like when the tori morphed into itself. That may have been the desired effect, though. Good job.
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Woooah, blood art *_*

The only thing killing it for me was the shader, I felt it was too bright and taking me out of the "atmospheric state."

Maybe something darker, or even an inverted version of it would look sex.

8/10 would have a date with if human female
this looked rather stupid and lazily done
i have no idea how people are saying it's good in the least
even if you weren't going to use free cam, proper angles, decent cc or anything a video should have
then why make one