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[B]Everything you have
I'm buying all your items, flames, textures for TC.
I can also spend some USD on your TC and valuable items.

There are some simple rules to be followed:
  • no links to sets/inventories/other threads - state clear what you are selling
  • your offer is first - do not just post what you are selling, make sure you included the desired price for the item
  • make sure your post has nothing against Toribash Market Rules
Violation of the rules stated above will cause me to report the respective post.

Now offer
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sell 2dq sound 22k each
adamantium ghost 2k
crimson user text 1.5k
adamantium timer 600tc
plasma emote 1k
plasma timer 1k
plasma user text 5k
raider emote 700tc
raider grip 800tc
raider user text 5k
feel free to haggle
Supernova Force 10k
Full Platinum Motion Trails 7k
Art thread | Don't bother me with requests etc, this artist died.

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marcolepro, I'm not going to buy the misc for the shop/market price, dq sound 14k each
Th3B3st4ev, don't have qi, lol
ConCon19, 14k
PrideSoul, 13k all
Condings, 135k all
ShadowDay, 5k nova lax, 15k qs force, 11k shaman (not interested in shaman really)
Nigma, 32k max
S | B | F