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~ God Team ~

What is God Team?

God Team (formerly the official Toribash mod team) is a collective of the best modders in Toribash. With a proven track record in creating some of the most popular, game defining modifications ever to exist in Toribash.

Who is God Team?

God Team leaders aka: The Holy Trinity


The God is something of a figure head in the God Team, though not an outright leader. He is a master of gameplay.
The God is also known for being the greatest wushu player of all time and is current world champion.


Tech master, Smilies2 is the guy that gets the mechanics of the mods perfected.


Clockwork Monkey is the enviroments and body modifications specialist.

God Team Friends

Modders/contributers to godteam cause.


What mods have God Team made?

Here are some of our most notable mods (note some mods are simply tech demos)

An old favourite

Very popular, and bloody.

Advanced body mods allow for realistic punching and dodging, for gameplay sake, the feet are planted, though there is also a version hidden away somewhere with free moving legs.

Same thing as GTboxing, but with sword and shield. All the joints are set up so that blocking with the shield and striking with the sword are very natural movements. The shield does no damage to the players and has enough bounce to deflect full speed attacks from the sword. The sword will do very little damage if thrown, but it will start to glitch out. Because of this there are triggers around the ring that will cause the player to lose if he throws his sword.

Probably the most advanced body mod ever.

An old favourite, racing down a San Francisco style street in heavy traffic, on skis. First player to touch the grass with their hands wins.

An old classic, though now updated with our GTboxing mod.

The future of e-sports

Jesus is back, and it's up to you to take him down in this thrilling escapade.

Animal Mods
A collection of advanced toribash animal body mods.

A great Mario Kart style race, use the abs to accelerate/brake and the chest to steer. First cross the finish line wins.

First one to die loses.

More amazing body mods, this time tori and uke become helicopters and must knock the other persons flag off the building to win.

Ukayden volcano thing

Sweet shop event mod

One player is a velociraptor, the other player has a reloadable old school cannon. Raptor wins on contact with the hooman.

This represents a small amount of the total mods made by god team.

To load these mods if you don't have them, create a multiplayer room and type /set mod modname.tbm (eg /set mod hcctf.tbm) and then /reset and the game will download the mod for you. You can then load it in single player or wait for someone to join you.

Can God Team make me a mod?

Yes! We have a base price of 200k per mod, however if you are after multiple mods, we offer discounts.

We also take suggestions for mods which we will make free of charge *if* we like the idea of the mod and feel it would work well in toribash.
You can request these mods on this thread. Do not pester us for free mods, we will only make mods for free when we want to.

Mods for events will always need to be paid for.

Can I join God Team?

We keep an eye out for people that might want to be affiliated with God Team, but it is strictly invite only. If you want to better your chances of being invited, make interesting mods.

Where can I send a donation? I love you.

Send all donations to user GODTEAM.
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<the god> the god
<@Smilies2> modding tiem

That's cute, your little group would deny it. So I wonder who turned uke into a bear?
I make mods.
Got invited to the GodTeam, respectfully declined.

i guess i need proof

Smilies asking to talk to you about if you have any interest in joining and being invited to join are not the same thing. We briefly considered having you as an affiliate, but after speaking with you (or trying to) for a few minutes it was very clear that you wouldn't fit in with god team. No need to be bitter about it. PM me if you want to talk about it further.
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<the god> the god
<@Smilies2> modding tiem

I invited AndItsGone back when there were few active modders uploading to the mod section. I (personally) liked the environments he was making and thought he had potential to assist me with some big projects I was planning.

I invited him and he replied like this:

In fact, the "godteam" was never interested in him. Only I was.

Also I don't remember him "respectfully declining", lol. All I know is that he didn't join the godteam because he didn't like TheGod and couldn't figure out how to use IRC until a few weeks ago.

If you wanna talk about it AndItsGone, try to join our IRC channel again and stay long enough to have a conversation, lol.

To answer Mzebra's question, if you want to get invited to the godteam, "you've got to be good".

But really, you just have to be proficient at all aspects of modding whether it is environmental or body modding. Also, you have to be constantly trying to push the limits of toribash as the godteam strives to do with every mod we produce.

Sparring and parkour mods are fun to play (for some people) and the replays are fun to watch. But it only requires low-level knowledge to produce an environmental mod.
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Pirate: smilies, your textures kick so much ass

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